If you are looking for information about weddings and mobile dj and lighting, please go to djdfw.com or click the picture of a 2009 country club greek wedding.
Click HERE for video of DJDFW at various local shows of different types, click below.  Different shows have different types of music.  House, Dubstep, Breaks to Hardstyle or Happy Hardcore and general Electronic Dance Music of various genre, may be played depending on the show.  But a private party could have Shelby and friends play everything from Sinatra and Willie to Reggae, Rap, Rock, Hip Hop, Disco, etc.
What makes the people dance is what they will get.

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Shelby "DJDFW" Hoyl and Spencer "DJ TRx" Hoyl
at Cutie Pie's in the summer of '08 all day long!

Please join the War On Boredom Facebook Group.  Please invite your friends to join the War On Boredom Facebook Group and you may use this group to create underground electronic dance music events and theme parties in DFW and Texas generally!  Enlist as a soldier against boredom!
Friends and fellow soldiers in the War On Boredom Video

Watch live streaming video from waronboredom at livestream.com
DJDFW & Spencer TRx need help. We need a coordinator for each
school and we need people to pass out flyers and get the word out about this event. If families can bring ice chests with drinks and
pot luck food, chips, watermelons, salads, charcoal and veggies, then this can be a really nice picnic and graduation party & dance.
Click this paragraph if you can help at all. Please.

We are looking for a few live bands from the schools as well. There is an area next to the pavilion where live bands can set up and it would be cool if there are any musicians from the schools who could play.

This event is not limited or exclusive to these five schools. Everyone is invited. Bring friends and family. We hope to have a group of shuffle dancers from Dallas for additional entertainment and we will have DJs with a large sound system and extensive lighting.  DJ TRx, DJDFW & Friends will play to the crowd.

L.D. Bell and Trinity have graduation May 26 and Birdville, Haltom and Richland have graduation May 27th. Mountasia is in the middle (next to NRH2O, by TCCC NE) and May 26th from 3pm to 11pm we are having a FREE Hello//Goodbye party at Mountasia. Come say hello to folks from four other schools near you and say goodbye to classmates and friends you have known for years.
War On Boredom, DJ Spencer Trx, DJDFW and friends are bringing the big DJDFW sound system and lighting with dance music to suit the crowd. Be prepared to dance and have a great time. Mountasia is graciously giving us the pavilion area in the back and you can bring your entire family and friends.

There are grills, but you can (and should) bring your own extra grill if you can. Bring food to grill, pot luck dishes, watermelon, ice chests and drinks, but please, please leave glass at home. This is a 'leave no trace' event, so please throw away the trash.
This is a big five school graduation event and War On Boredom needs help. We need coordinators and volunteers from each school. We will need name tags for people to fill out with what school they went to and parents and friends to help with potluck and organization. WE NEED LOTS OF HELP GETTING THE WORD OUT ABOUT THIS PARTY! If you have portable BBQ Grills, the more the merrier! Email shelby@djdfw.com or leave a message on the facebook page if you can help. All help is needed, big or small. If you want to be involved or know someone who does, please let us know! Please invite friends and pass the word. If you can hand out flyers, get with us so we can get them to you. Click the first paragraph to send us an email.
If we get much rain, MOUNTASIA has a LARGE INDOOR AREA and the music will move indoors.
Everyone is welcome to come and please bring your family and invite friends. You don't have to be graduating from one of these five schools to attend, but it helps. We hope to have some specialty entertainment such as shuffle dance specialists from Dallas and other entertainers.
This will be your last chance to see some friends in a long time or forever. It is also a chance to meet lots of new people who are also graduating and their friends. There will be plenty of parties that weekend, before, during and after this one, but this is a place to eat and meet and have fun with friends. Mountasia has go karts and bumper boats, batting cages, arcade games and miniature golf and a mountain, and we will have the BIG SOUND SYSTEM, LIGHTS & DJs. This is the party you will remember for years and years.

If it rains, we just move inside, and are thinking of having an inside electro stage.
Mountasia has Go Karts, Arcade games, Bumper boats, Batting Cages, Miniature Golf, Food, Free Water, Restrooms
Pavilion with Grills, Indoor area in case of rain
This is a leave no trace, no alcohol, no drugs event. All laws that apply outside this event also apply inside this event. No weapons, violence, threats or bad vibes will be tolerated. Leave all drama at the door. This is a celebration of life and love. Peace brother.
The Dallas Shuffle Group plans to meet at this event as well, so if you shuffle, be ready to show your stuff!
A short video of an electro party from 2010 at Mountasia.
Click here to see that video.

Saturday, 12 May 2012.

11:00 until 23:00.

K.I.S.S. party at the Trinity Park Shelter House just outside downtown Ft. Worth.
Stage one of Friends w/Headphones
11:00 a.m. Terry G. Friends w/Headphones
 12:00 noon mike c Friends w/Headphones
 1:00 P.m.Brother Maynard Friends w/Headphones
 2:00 p.m. paradigm shift
 3:00 P.m. Dub til dawn
 4:00 p.m. Hunter Vaughan
 5:00 p.m. Jello Morningside Tribe
 6:00 p.m. D1 Creations/Massiv
 7:00 p.m. John Walker Harmonious Discord
 8:00 p.m. Josh Kynd
 9:00 p.m. Just Jordo Friends w/Headphones
 10:00 p.m. James Prichard Friends w/Headphones
Stage Two
 11-12 DJDFW - Friends With Headphones//War On Boredom http://www.facebook.com/?profile.php?id=100001632023?843
 12-1 Spencer TRx - Friends With Headphones//War On Boredom http://www.facebook.com/?profile.php?id=100001162524?738
 1-2 Andy Svoboda http://?www.different-dj.com/
 2-4 Christian Zanni & Friends http://www.djzanni.com/
 4-6 Hulon Pate (The Grind2Shine Podcast Crew) http://itunes.apple.com/?bw/podcast/?grind2shines-podcast/?id384369179
 6-8 Dub Commission (Pusher & Bassick) http://dubcommission.net/
 8-9 Royal South (Trinity Music Group) http://www.facebook.com/?RoyalSouth
 9-10 Digital Acid Trip - Digital Connections//Afterlife http://www.facebook.com/?mauricemalvernjr
 10-11 Decks shared among War On Boredom and Friends With Headphones and the raver family generally tagging.
Stage Two decks are Pioneer 800 II and Mixer is Denon DNx1700
w. 7th and stayton st with two stages of music. Friends With Headphones. You know how it goes, it is free and our raver family will reunite in bliss.

things to bring.
Coolers (no glass please) Food for open grill, Sun screen, cardboard to slide down grass hill, lawn chairs, blankets, sidewalk chalk, things that glow,good vibes,and anything else you think you need to make it a day of fun out in the sun with beats in the air.
DJDFW & DJ Spencer TRx
play the outside stage with popular music as pleases the crowd. An inside stage is expected with edm djs TBA.

Scroll to the right for more pictures and more info. Graduation 5/26 @ Mountasia.  KISS 5/12 @ Trinity Park Ft. Worth.

Click HERE to download a sheet of flyers to copy and hand out to friends.