House Music and various other electronic dance music artists

Sunday, 19 April 2015 at 10:00-22:00
Shelter House @ Trinity Park 2300 W 7th and Stayton st., Ft Worth
10:00 Reazon ( Jamie Reazon Alston )
11:00 David Van Hook
12:00 Hulon Pate (Convicted War Criminal & Death Row inmate who was recently pardoned by NATO)
1:00 Digital Acid Trip
2:00 Ward Curry
3:00 Brian Holbrook
4:00 Michael Todd
5:00 Greg Watton
6:00 Pauly Gone (Space Hippies) [Jello]
7:00 James Prichard
8:00 Just Jordo
9:00 Shelby (DJDFW) & Spencer TRx
^War On Boredom/Friends With Headphones stage South

12:00 Capaz
1:00 Experiment
2:00 Fracture
3:00 Dragonman
4:00 Robert Wulfman
5:00 Social Etiquette
6:00 Robojoe
7:00 Big-T vs Tangles
8:00 3D
9:00 OMG
EAST STAGE (Dub Commission/DEA/Atrium Obscurum...)

10:00 U-Chin
11:00 Roscoe Harper
12:00 Mike J
1:00 Ladd Biggs
2;00 DVK
3:00 Chris Rodriguez
4:00 Rick Simpson
5:00 Cygnus
6:00 Craig Howell
7:00 Gavin Guthrie
8:00 Blixaboy
9:00 D.J. Junkyard (Herman Glaspie)
DJ Junkyard, ESP, And Friends Stage West
This stage will have Turntables, CDJs and Digital art for your pleasure.

11:00 Lemon Aids
12:00 John Walker
12:50 Sammy Samuelson
1:40 Robert Eitelman
2:30 Johnny Leake
3:20 Jason Ramirez
4:10 Joshua Kynd
5:00 Steven SkeetTraxx Incrocci
5:50 Matthew Parks
6:40 Brian Knolley
7:30. Joe Holmes
8:20 Craig Howell
9:10 Matt Poston

Free party in the park, KISS & Raver Family Reunion.

John Walker's birthday is the following day, so we will be celebrating that date a little early. It is a Sunday, and we need beauty sleep for the next day. If you have pictures from previous events here, post them up! Let people know how it goes.

Mark your calendar, let your friends know and invite them. Bring your children (with cardboard to slide down the hill), your parents, brothers, sisters, spouses, partners, mentors and students, strangers and lovers. Bring your picnic lunch. Music starts at 10am, sundown is 7:39 pm and the music goes to 10pm. Peace and Love to all.

This is the corner of West 7th street and Stayton, just across the 7th street bridge from Downtown Fort Worth. It is the Trinity Park Shelter House and is the same location as the Police and Firefighter Memorial.

Thanks Mom for everything!
Sonia Hoyl, Mobile Notary Public
(817) 690-6970

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Mobile Notary Travel Fees and Notary Fees        
Detailed Charges:
Travel Fee: Weekdays - Monday thru Friday*
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. = $35.00 plus $6.00 per notarization
4:01 p.m. - 9:59 p.m. = $50.00 plus $6.00 per notarization
10:00 p.m. - 11:59 p.m. = $75.00 plus $6.00 per notarization
12:00 a.m. - 7:59 a.m. = $100.00 plus $6.00 per notarization
Travel Fee: Weekends & Holidays - Saturday & Sunday*
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. = $50.00 plus $6.00 per notarization
4:01 p.m. - 9:59 p.m. = $75.00 plus $6.00 per notarization
10:00 p.m. - 11:59 p.m. = $100.00 plus $6.00 per notarization
12:00 a.m. - 7:59 a.m. = $125.00 plus $6.00 per notarization
Mileage $0.50 per mile round trip (we are in 76053)

Protesting a bill or note for non-acceptance or non-payment, register and seal $ 4.00
Each notice of protest        1.00
Protesting in all other cases        4.00
Certificate and seal to a protest 4.00
Taking the acknowledgment or proof of any deed or other instrument in writing, for registration, including certificate and seal:        
(1) for the first signature 6.00
(2) for each additional signature 1.00
Administering an oath or affirmation with certificate and seal 6.00
All certificates under seal not otherwise provided for        6.00
Copies of all records and papers in the Notary Public's office, for each page .50
Taking the depositions of witnesses, for each 100 words        .50
Swearing a witness to a deposition, certificate, seal, and other business connected with taking the deposition        6.00
All notarial acts not provided for        6.00

Mobile Fees - Traveling Fees Apply: Travel fees are not specified in the law. Such fees are proper only if the notary and signer(s) agree  on the amount to be charged. The signer must understand that a travel fee is neither required nor specified in the law and is separate from the notarial fees described herein. Travel fees range from $35.00 and up depending on time of day and distance traveled. Travel fees will always be discussed prior to departure for your requested service.
Due and Payable Upon Receipt:
ALL fees are due and payable on arrival and notarial fees are due and payable upon completion for the notarial services rendered at which time an invoice - receipt will be issued. Escrow or loan cancellations have no bearing on the payment of fees. We accept only Cash, but may accept credit cards / checks with advance arrangements (4%  charge for credit cards, $6 for checks electronically processed.) Payment arrangements must be made in advance of services at time of scheduling. Please call for quote for any services not listed herein.                 

Real Estate Agents, Title Company Agents, Mortgage Company Agents, (Locations within Dallas &Tarrant Counties, outside Dallas &Tarrant Counties; other charges will apply) Loan closing includes travel and having several documents signed. Notarization is free for these but the charge for travel, etc... and presenting and handling the documents to be signed.
8a.m. - 4p.m. - $125.00 - for loan closing documents (must include HUD-1 form) - No $6.00 charges - with appointment, without HUD-1 form $6.00 for each notarization will apply - with appointment.
8a.m. - 4p.m. - for Deeds, Liens, Power of Attorney, Releases, Mineral Rights documents and other documents - $65.00 - $6.00 charge for the First notarization additional notarizations $6.00 each - with appointment.

Additional stop cost to drop off documents, FedEx, UPS, USPS overnight, USPS Priority Mail,
Mail, Lone Star Overnight, clients' location, third party location, etc. - $35.00
Additional stop cost to pick up documents, FedEx, UPS, USPS overnight, USPS Priority Mail,
Mail, Lone Star Overnight, clients' location, third party location, etc. - $35.00
Rush Fee - $50.00 (applies when services are requested less than two (2) hours from time of telephone call, email or other communication requesting service)
Fuel Surcharge- $25.00 (applicable outside Tarrant County, Texas)
Mileage cost: .50 per mile driven round trip. (We are in Hurst, NE Tarrant County, 76053)
Loan closings cost: flat rate of $125.00 plus travel fee + mileage
Loan closings print documents (letter size only): flat rate of $25.00
Waiting Fee for time spent waiting after arrival: $10 for every twenty minutes or part thereof
Additional cost for Services requested after 4:00 p.m. not specified herein add - $35.00 to mobile fee
Additional cost for Services requested after 10:00 p.m. not specified herein add - $50.00 to mobile fee
Additional cost for Services requested after 12:00 a.m. not specified herein add - $75.00 to mobile fee
advance cancellation four (4) hours or more - No Charge
advance cancellation less than (4) hours 100% of mobile fee
Cancellation upon notary arrival 100% of mobile fee
Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested-under 3 oz-$15.00 - over 3oz actual costs plus $15.00
Priority Mail - under 8 oz - $15.00 - over 8oz actual costs plus $15.00
Copies - $1.00 per page
Faxes - $1.00 per page
Parking - $10.00 per appointment
Airport Parking/Toll - $10.00
Printing - $1.00 per page
Scan document to email - $1.00 per page
Other available services charges shall be determined when requested
Call for quote for any services not listed herein
These fees are subject to change at any time without notice
There is a 10% reduction in the Travel Fee (not mileage or gas or extras, etc.) for repeat customers.

* mobile/travel fee, mileage, waiting fees, etc... are not for the actual notarization, but for the convenience of having the notary come to you and for services other than the actual notarization. (Travel fees are within Dallas & Tarrant Counties, outside Dallas &Tarrant Counties; other charges will apply)

Each party whose signature is to be notarized must be personally present, have unexpired government picture and signature ID sufficient for Notary Purposes (Driver's License or State ID, Passport, etc - §121.005 Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code) and not be on a federal enclave or Indian Reservation. They must be mentally aware of what they are doing and able to sign and communicate their oath or acknowledgment as their free act and deed or that their oath is freely given and not forced or coerced.
Please check back on this page for information about a series of free dance parties downtown throughout the summer on Fridays from 5pm to 8pm
First Water Gardens party is Friday, May 16, 2015 from 5pm to 8pm. It is free and features Shelby & Spencer from 5-7 and Punktronica from 7-8.